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Edmund Rice College, Glengormley




Ms S McGoldrick

At Edmund Rice College we aim to develop an understanding and enjoyment for the subject of music. Within the key stage 3 curriculum we aim to strengthen and develop pupil’s confidence through singing, performing, composing and listening. We offer pupil’s a variety of musical experiences reflecting different times, places and cultures through a range of practical and theory based lessons.

Pupils are given the opportunity to take music at key stage 4 ‘Music Performance Skills. Throughout this course, pupils develop their instrumental skills through solo and group performances as well as researching and learning about the various music organisations both locally and internationally. Pupils also complete live stage performances and video recordings throughout the course, this encourages them to become self-reflective musicians. The course ensures to develop pupil’s confidence in many areas of their musical ability but also enables them to develop their confidence in many areas of the school curriculum.

Music is a versatile subject, as a department we believe it is important to develop on the interest of the pupils through creating opportunities towards learning new instruments. Within the department there is peripatetic teaching, with a very successful intake of pupils now learning new instruments ranging from piano, guitar, drums and singing lessons. The music tuition programme has proven very successful, pupils clearly feel a sense of enjoyment and achievement. Edmund Rice work closely with ‘The Music Rooms’ organisation where the tutors ensure all pupils are working toward their grades from the Trinity board examinations.

The school also offers an after schools choir club, pupils receive vocal training in a group context; they learn various pieces of music both contemporary and liturgical. Edmund Rice College Choir has grown immensely and the pupils show a continued commitment and enthusiasm. Every year we take on new and exciting projects, performing to the public inside and outside of school. Along with the Edmund Rice Choir some of these pupils are also part of the Harmony North choir which comprises of various schools in North Belfast. Since this project started in 2015, pupils have travelled to London, Washington D.C., Belgium and London performing an advanced repertoire of music to large audiences. Not only are pupils developing their choral ability through this project but are also building and forming new friendships across the school community.

The school also hold an Irish Traditional Group. This again offers pupils the opportunity to build on their ability to play Irish traditional instruments in a group context. They learn to work as a team and build on their own musical strengths from their own culture. Opportunities for the traditional group to perform are held throughout the school year.

The music department continues to flourish with new and exciting projects each year. The department continues to grow from strength to strength with the continued support and commitment from the parents, pupils and staff at Edmund Rice College.