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Edmund Rice College, Glengormley

Youth Work

Vanessa Tweed is Edmund Rice College’s Area Youth Co-ordinator. The EA Youth Work project has been involved with the College since 2002. The project offers numerous projects linked with the students’ personal development e.g. alcohol awareness programmes, internet use, substance abuse talks etc. She also works closely with the Learning for Life and Work Co-ordinator organising talks and seminars for senior school pupils.

It is our belief that each child should be encouraged to develop a strong bond with one significant adult in the school. In this way it is hoped to enhance the pupil’s self-confidence and self-esteem, which in turn should increase the likelihood of them being prepared to talk frankly about any problems, which they may be experiencing at any given time.

The strength of the basic counselling network is that it is proactive in nature, seeking as it does, to identify at the earliest stages any potential problems.

Outside agencies continue to play an ever increasing role in the Colleges counselling system. Social Service meetings are regularly attended by appropriate members of staff as are meetings with the Educational Welfare and Educational Psychological services. Representatives from the Newtownabbey Guidance Centre/Behaviour Support Service and EA North Eastern Region Youth Service also meet with students on a weekly basis throughout the school year. Other outside agencies such as the PSNI also regularly visit the school.