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Edmund Rice College, Glengormley

Project Work for May

27th Apr 2020

For the next five weeks, Years 8-10 should complete the new projects which have been updated on our online learning platforms.

There are 10 new projects uploaded for each year group. The easiest way to access the projects is through Google Classroom. However, if you cannot access Google Classroom, you will also find the projects on our website.

All projects have been added to Google Classroom and we will continue to add the remaining projects to our website throughout today. If you have been working on previous work, you will find that work underneath the projects in Google Classroom in the archives.

Years 11-14 should continue to work on Google Classroom tasks- There have also been some updates here and this will continue to be updated over the next few days.

There are 10 great new projects for Key Stage 3 pupils that we would love to see you have a go at over the next five weeks until the end of May. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all completed, just do your best! We would recommend that pupils continue to take part in the daily quizzes and the T&D 30-day challenge.

To provide some structure for the next few weeks, we would also recommend that pupils complete two projects each week. Each week we will promote two different projects. However, it is entirely up to you which projects you complete first.

This week, we would encourage you to complete the following two projects:
English Book Review Project for Years 8-10 :

Religious Studies:
Year 8 Edmund Rice Project:

Year 9 Early Church Project:

Year 10 Islam Project:

Remember, it is up to you which projects you complete first. This is only for guidance.

We would also encourage all our pupils to take part in our brand new 30 day French Challenge. There are lots of great activities to complete each day for you all.

FEEDBACK: When you have completed your project(s), please email them to with pupil name, subject and teacher name. This will be forwarded on to the teacher and will enable some feedback to be provided through email.

We hope you enjoy your new projects and we look forward to seeing them!